Sometime life is too surreal…

Or maybe just confusing. Today I listened to Judge Sotomayor lying her way to the Supreme Court, twisting herself in knots trying to explain she didn’t mean what she said. I don’t know why she bothered. She’ll be confirmed regardless of anythings she says or believes. Meanwhile, just a week ago LCpl Seth Green was laid to rest in his hometown of Adairville, Georgia. He died in Afghanistan, defending his country and protecting Ms. Sotomayor’s right to say whatever she damn well pleases (convoluted or not).

Liberals are upset she’s being treated too harshly by Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee. If she can’t put on her big girl panties and play with the big boys she’s got no business “applying” for the job. But at least she’s not in a war zone. I’d say facing a few tough questions is a bit easier than fighting Al Qaeda.

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