You can’t beat the left for sheer irony!

The Community Organizer in Chief is suddenly against community organizing. It appears that the main job of a community organizer is to organize groups of people (communities of like-minded individuals, if you will) to protest against things they don’t like. Evidently, it’s not such a good idea anymore. The man who wanted his supporters to “get in their face” when talking to people about voting for him, now wants those same citizens to report on their fellow citizens who are just as passionate about keeping government out of the health care business as he was about getting into the White House.

Meanwhile, our elected officials in Washington are doing everything they can do malign their constituents. They could listen to the very real concerns of the people they work for, the ones who pay their salaries and fund their excellent PRIVATE health care. Obviously it’s easier to call them “angry mobs”, “Nazis”, “right wing extremists”, and the ever popular fall back…representatives (or dupes) of the “evil” insurance companies.

But surely those stalwart watchdogs in the media, sensing the level of distrust and concern of the people, are busy combing through the house bill, parsing the words of the president and his representatives looking for “inconsistencies”. Right? Because when people on the left were unhappy with Bush, there was one investigative story after another. I won’t hold my breath. Obama’s sycophants in the press are too busy getting all warm and tingly at the prospect of thousands of new Joe the Plumbers to crucify.

The biggest problem this little menage a trois has is that this truly is a grassroots movement. It’s the mechanic who services your car, the ladies your gran has lunch with on Wednesdays, the family down the street, someone who volunteers at your kid’s school, the couple who go to the same gym as you do. They can shout vast right wing-corporate-Wall Street-conservative-freeper-Christian conspiracy until they’re blue in the face but that still won’t make it true.

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